Innovative Partnerships for Digital Empowerment

Internet for the less privileged

eRise is rising to tackle the problem of Internet connectivity for less privileged communities through the Toki Server project. The aim of the project is to provide and empower one billion people for the next five years.

Toki Servers are WI-FI ready servers costing about $50 which can run on both AC power, or on batteries for up-to 72 hours and can handle 500 concurrent connections. These servers are placed in the private residences of Toki “Mayors”, who are responsible for maintaining and managing the servers.

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Helping you to grow online

Grants to bring your project online

Recently we announced our approach to sponsor special and non-profit initiatives for an online presence. With the eRise empowerment grants, you can get free domain name, web hosting, among others. This is our means of saving you the cost of getting a working website for your project.

Learn More in cooperation with international domain name registrar is training people how to be successful domain investors. A free course called, is now in multiple languages.In addition to the free online course, empowerment grants and interest-free loans empower graduates to get started.

Pictured here is Epik’s Samuel Adebo in Ota, Nigeria in February 2020

eRise Innovative Partnerships for Digital Empowerment – is a non-profit organization that has been established to Digitally Empower communities with little or no internet connectivity.

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